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Threat Hunting Malware

Threat Hunting / Malware Reverse Engineering

Amplify your existing security capabilities with the outcomes you need: world-class incident investigation and response, elite threat hunting, and expert security guidance. Booz Allen tailors your security orchestration by addressing the business, technology and risk drivers that are unique to the enterprise.

Service Overview:

Threat Hunting Malware

Malware Analysis/Reverse Engineering Services

Booz Allen’s industry-leading malware analysts can reverse engineer malware samples of interest and provide you with custom reporting on the capabilities of the malware as well as develop custom signatures to reliably and effectively detect the malware using tools and technologies you already own.

  • Understand the bad guys’ capabilities.
  • Uncover what data was being targeted.
  • Analyze malware that is targeting you.

Threat Hunting

Booz Allen’s expert threat hunters locate and remediate threats on your network that can evade traditional security technologies. We use a combination of your logs and existing detection capabilities as well as proprietary Booz Allen capabilities to support our battle-tested methodologies to uncover even the most difficult to locate cyber threats.

  • Search for dormant attackers waiting for an “attack trigger.”
  • Correlate threat data across your entire network and operations.
  • Historical log analysis looking for evidence of previous intrusions.
Compromise Assessment

Merger & Acquisitions Threat Assessment

Booz Allen provides M&A preventative threat assessment services to identify and remediate data breaches as part of the due diligence process and prior to integrating assets and operations.

  • Are you “buying a breach”? Know in advance.
  • Protect your customer data
  • Safeguard your financial information and accounts
  • Be able to assure corporate partners of your security