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Tailored Threat Intelligence

Anticipatory, actionable intelligence to fight advanced cyber threats Cyber4Sight® delivers customers the comfort of knowing that our comprehensive and context-rich threat intelligence enables them with everything they need to prioritize tactical, operational, and strategic security decisions and to detect, understand, and mitigate risks.

About Us

We listen to your intelligence and collection requirements, concerns, and special requests to deliver environment specific intelligence to ensure you’re getting the right intelligence where you need it, when you need it.

We are intelligence analysts, network security specialists, incident responders, computer forensics experts, malware reverse engineers, journalists, linguists, anti-fraud specialists, private investigators, lawyers, and former law-enforcement professionals.

Our multilingual team of analysts works alongside a powerful suite of proprietary tools to continuously monitor every corner of the Internet—from the open web to the criminal marketplace and everything in between.

Through a full suite of products and services designed to protect organizations from sophisticated and everyday cyber threats, we integrate seamlessly into any existing information security program.

Cyber4Sight® offers differing levels of integration, providing reports and data, collaborative force multiplication via managed service, or a fully outsourced CTI shop.

Real world example of Tailored Threat Intelligence

Products & Services

Cyber4Sight® arms you with the threat intelligence and context you need to fully understand the dynamic risks your organization faces now and in the future. Drawing on the expertise of a diverse group of analysts, our solutions allow you to stay informed of the latest cybersecurity developments, leverage strategic insights about how today’s threats could impact tomorrow’s actions, and understand the intentions of threat actors to anticipate what may come next.