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Security Defense Assessment

Security Defense Assessment

The premier path to world-class cyber threat detection and remediation. Determine the most effective way to use your existing resources. Prioritize your needs. Plan your next steps with expert guidance.

Service Overview:

Security Defense Assessment

Application and Network Security Architecture Assessment

  • Expert guidance on how to use your existing resources most effectively.
  • Actionable insight into areas of need.
  • Executive vision to improve and optimize.
Compromise Assessment

Compromise Assessment

  • A detailed inspection of your network.
  • Booz Allen’s patented Advanced Analytics identifies any compromises.
  • An actionable list of recommendations and procedures to remediate an existing intruder and prevent future attacks.
  • NSA Cyber Incident Response Assistance (CIRA) Accredited Incident Response as needed

Network Security Visibility Assessment

  • Define what type of attacks you and your industry are currently seeing.
  • Determine the extent of your vulnerability.
  • Our expert team will score your current detection capabilities and deliver clear guidance for improvement.
Incident Response Services

Incident Response Readiness Assessment

  • Upfront planning is critical to minimizing the breach and protecting your valuable systems and data.
  • Booz Allen’s NSA CIRA Accredited Incident Response Team will conduct tabletop exercises to train your team to respond to an incident effectively, minimizing potential losses and disruption of your business.
  • Assessment of your current capabilities.
  • You will have an actionable plan for response improvements.