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Managed Detection and Response for Network

Response-led defenses protecting your network and users through complete visibility and layered detection.

The Managed Detection and Response for Network service delivers advanced threat detection, investigation, and response delivered via out of band network sensors which provide full visibility to network communications. Known and unknown threats are instantly detected using full packet capture, blended detection tools, SSL decryption and Booz Allen’s curated threat intelligence. Security events are investigated and contained by industry-leading threat analysts.

Outcomes Delivered

Managed Threat Investigation and Response

The Booz Allen team provides threat investigation services, contextual intelligence, reverse engineering, and the ability to write rules and custom signatures to stop attacks in real time.

Validated Threat Notifications

Expert analysts stop known and unknown attacks using the interplay of signature, reputation, sandboxing, file carving, and patented machine learning / analytics-based detection engines.

Expert analysts respond to all security events

Organizations can rely on Booz Allen’s NSA CIRA-Accredited Intrusion analysts to prevent, detect, and remediate all malicious activity from the always-on Threat Intelligence Center.

Immediately Gain Threat Visibility

Combine full packet capture, SSL decryption, and SIEM integration at critical network locations to see every threat. Set up takes hours, not weeks or months.

Complete Threat Detection

Reduce alert fatigue and improve SOC efficiency with threat notifications that provide a summary and details of the attack, its severity level, the scope of the attack, and prescriptive containment actions. Remote live response and on-site incident response professionals are deployed if needed.

Continuous Client Engagement

Rapid response and containment to each validated threat is performed by a Threat Intelligence Analyst that is your point of contact through the lifecycle of the remediation effort.