Managed Detection and Response for Email | Booz Allen Cyber Security

Managed Detection and Response for Email

Cloud-based defense stops email-borne threats including zero-day campaigns, ransomware, Business Email Compromise (BEC), and phishing attacks before they ever reach your inboxes.

Booz Allen Managed Detection and Response for Email is an expert-driven service that stops advanced threats aimed at your users’ inboxes. Booz Allen's patented cloud-based email inspection platform and NSA CIRA-accredited analyst team inspect all email attributes including including URLs, attachments, headers, to quickly detect and quarantine threats.  The service seamlessly integrates with cloud-based email (including Office 365, G Suite)  and on-premise deployments like Microsoft Exchange.

Outcomes Delivered

Stop Advanced Email Threats

The Booz Allen Managed Detection and Response Email service defends your enterprise from advanced email-borne threats, including:

  • Polymorphic malware and attacks
  • File-less / malware-less / social attacks
  • Advanced Persistent Threats (APT)
  • 0 day phishing campaigns

Expert response to all security events

Malicious emails are quarantined. Then Booz Allen’s military grade Threat Intelligence Center delivers the rapid triage, contextual intelligence, reverse engineering, and ability to write custom rules and signatures required to stop the full extent of an attack.

Complete Email Visibility

Booz Allen’s Antivirus and Anti Spam tools filter out all commodity based threats and spam. Then every component of an email - including URLs, attachments, headers, and bodies - are rapidly dissected and analyzed for anything potentially malicious.

Correlate Threats Across Your Environment

Deep integration with your existing investments (Booz Allen or third-party) empowers your team and your tools to quickly identify and respond to stealthy, blended attacks.

Simple Deployment

Implementation takes minutes, whether your email is with cloud-based email services such as G Suite or Office 365 or on-premise solutions like Microsoft Exchange. No hardware or software to install or maintain. Zero impact on business operations.

Industry-leading Detection

Booz Allen’s cloud-based email inspection platform uncovers unknown and known threats using:

  • Signature (Bro, Yara, Suricata)
  • Reputation
  • Sandboxing
  • Booz Allen’s patented supervised machine learning malware evaluation engine
  • Hyperlink resolution analysis
  • Attachment extraction
  • File carving
  • Layered quarantine