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Learn and Morph

Learn & Morph

Attackers should never face the same defensive posture twice.

Stopping random attacks is one thing.  Stopping a determined attacker who will keep coming back, trying whatever it takes to gain access to your environment is something else.  The key to stopping determined attackers is to create defenses that are constantly changing.  If attackers face new challenges every time they attack, they are far less likely to be successful.

Booz Allen’s Managed Detection and Response Service not only detects and responds to attacks, but creates Morphing Defensive Postures.  Utilizing Booz Allen’s Threat Intelligence Organization, our clients are provided with resources that have the experience and skill to orchestrate changes across their entire set of cyber defenses in order to inflict the maximum impact on the attacker without impacting the business.

Booz Allen’s Managed Detection and Response Services deliver the technology, people and process required to turn your business into a moving target by creating truly effective Morphing Defensive Postures.