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Defining Managed Threat Services (MTS)

Today’s approach to cybersecurity is broken. That may sound like a harsh statement, but given the shifting nature of the threat landscape over recent years, many enterprises and cybersecurity providers are left ill-prepared to stave off the serious and persistent dangers threatening their organizations.

And given the widespread availability of robust hacking tools, threat actors are finding it easier than ever to effectively target (and compromise) enterprises just like yours.

The answer isn’t to invest in yet another tool.

If you’re going to effectively scale your cybersecurity efforts to mitigate the risks associated with an ever-evolving threat landscape, Managed Threat Services (MTS) provide the best way for CISOs to gain access to the resources and advanced skill sets they need to protect their organizations’ most important assets.

The Evolving Threat Landscape

Cyber attackers have increasing access to devastating tools. They’re calculated and deliberate in their tactics. They’re agile and they can avoid detection by traditional technologies and processes.

Combine the persistent nature of advanced threat actors with the proliferation of attack surfaces like mobile devices, IoT and aggressive Cloud adoption, and you have the potential for a serious breach.

Most technologies generate alerts. This is great; however, most organizations are overrun by alert volume and valid threats often get lost in the noise. It’s easy to see that a different approach is needed.

VIDEO: Brian Minick: “Attackers are People”

Today there are a number of nefarious actors that operate with a variety of motivators such as: business disruption, insight into core business practices, theft of sensitive information for financial gain and many more. Booz Allen Hamilton’s Brian Minick talks about the shifting threat landscape and the role live threat actors play in today’s environment.

A Better Approach to Cybersecurity

Even with robust defenses in place, IT and cybersecurity professionals often lack sufficient adversary insight, or they may be generally prepared for a broad spectrum of attacks but lack the expertise to defend against a more malicious, targeted offense.

Trying to plug the dam, well-meaning analysts sometimes turn to off-the-shelf feeds for better intel or implement static defenses that work for some scenarios but are unable to adapt to the aggressive, persistent and evolving nature of advanced attacks.

Your Security Operations Center (SOC) could even have the best tools and technology the industry has to offer, but without the right skill sets and operators, these resources are just not going to perform at the level you need to protect your enterprise’s assets.

So how does security at your organization fare? Here are a few categories to help you gauge the health of your program:

  1. Do you utilize Cyber Fusion Center techniques? Are you able to ingest theat intelligence about threats to your environment, turn that intelligence into detection capability and then turn what you detect into new intelligence that is fed back into the process? This generation and fusion of threat intelligence creates a dynamic set of defensive postures that is constantly being tuned to detect and defend against the threats that your ogranization is facing. MTS services can deliver this capability to your organization in a matter of weeks.
  2. Attracting and retaning the right skillsets: Are you able to attract and retain highly-skilled personnel and resources? Is your SOC staffed by professionals who possess the knowledge necessary to operate and maintain sophisticated threat tools and platforms? MTS offers access to cybersecurity talent with the required skills (malware reverse engineering, threat analysis, incident response, threat intelligence, hunt, etc.) to effectively focus on defending attacks when crises occur.
  3. Technology: How confident are you that the expensive technology you’ve already purchased is configured into a comprehensive solution to stop targeted attacks? MTS offers an evergreen technology model and is a true “force multiplier” of existing resources and technology purchases.
  4. Ability to scale: Maybe you want to scale your security efforts, but you lack the budgetary resources needed to purchase new security technology. Sometimes it’s difficult to make a case for a new or augmented line item. What if an MTS approach could help you justify new expenditures? Not to mention that Booz Allen’s MTS is delivered with predictable economics and pricing models.
  5. Consistency: What security posture do you take across hybrid IT and OT environments? MTS offers 24/7 coverage that’s constantly watching and protecting.

A Better Way: Managed Threat Services (MTS)

MTS puts a premium on partnerships over products for good reason: the threat actors are people, not machines.

People shift and adapt. They exploit weaknesses. That’s why a better defense is critical.

Simply put, Managed Threat Services (MTS) offers a multi-faceted approach to cybersecurity that combines the best of intelligence gathering, reporting, technology enablement, capability building and access to highly-skilled talent, all delivered with flexibility and operational excellence.

It’s robust, it’s thorough, it’s adaptive and at the helm of the operation are seasoned security professionals who regularly battle the most serious threats any enterprise could face.

A lot of firms say they offer MTS, but what many enterprises end up getting is an advanced alert system. Or better, a dashboard that organizes all their alerts.

Alarms are an essential component of any security program, but flashing lights do little to help with the hard work of fighting off a well-equipped, deliberate and persistent threat actor.

The landscape has changed, but has your organization adapted?

Whether you’re about to embark on a massive overhaul or you’re looking to enhance the capabilities of your existing SOC, Booz Allen Hamilton’s industry leading MTS is a true force-on-force solution to the ever-evolving threats your enterprise is facing.

Learn more about how Booz Allen Hamilton’s MTS can help protect your organization.